Eats Cookies & Leaves

28 05 2009

eatandleave 001If I want a cookie sometimes I just have to help myself.

Because sometimes Mom or Dad don’t want me to have a cookie. I don’t know why.

So I have to steal them.

But if Mom or Dad are in the kitchen then I might wait a very long time until they are gone so I can get a cookie.

So I just walk up to the cookie jar and grab as many as I can, then run.

If Mom or Dad chases me I toss one cookie away. That distracts them and usually slows them down.

If they are still chasing me I go under the dining room table and stuff all the cookies in my mouth.

I can put a lot in there.





One response

3 06 2009
Tia The Sarcastic Mime

Jesus! Are you hiding in the bushes outside my house, watching my kids in action? Or is there a word-wide Criminal Child Organization, complete with rules and secret meetings that I don’t know about?

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