Move Like a Ninja, Sting Like a Bee

2 06 2009

ninja 001If you are going to do something “bad” you probably don’t want to get caught.

If you are going to steal something or sneak some TV you need to learn to move very quietly.

You don’t want mom and dad to see or hear you.

You need to learn to move like a Ninja.

A Ninja can move very quickly but quietly.

These are some Ninja things you can do.

If you are sneaking out of bed, slip quietly onto the floor. Don’t jump.

Walk close to the wall or the edge of the stairs so they don’t squeak.

Stay in the shadows.

Socks only is always better than barefeet or shoes. Socks are quieter and don’t leave sweaty footprints.

If you have black pajamas, that’s good.

Once I saw a Ninja in a movie hide in a pool and breath through a straw. I would totally try that, but we don’t have a pool.

Now you can practice your Ninja moves.





8 responses

2 06 2009
Jennifer Juniper

When you secretly turn on the TV or Playstation, make sure the volume isn’t set on 20 or your goose is cooked.

If you are in the hallway secretly watching a movie when your parents think you’re sleeping – DON’T GIGGLE with your brother.

3 06 2009
Backpacking Dad

Despite the obvious logic of it, closing your eyes will not make you invisible. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you. Ninjas keep their eyes open and their auras closed.

3 06 2009

if you have siblings be sure to dress them in ninja gear BEFORE u set out cause they WILL follow u and screw it all up. happens all the time…

3 06 2009

I fear my 3 year old ever finding this information. Her methodology of sneaking out of bed now is to jump out and turn the lights on. Not at all ninja like.

20 05 2011

Can I use your picture in my blog??

21 05 2011

Please do.

31 05 2011

Thank so much for the pic!

20 05 2011

[…] But, since I’m trying to lose weight, I’ve decided that sugar must go.  I know that sugar is a big gut-buster (that is, it makes my gut guttier), and I’ve decided that the first “step” in my diet plan is to take it out…like a ninja.  In fact, I’ve concluded that I need some ninja skills to tackle this sugar issue.  There are some awesome tips here. […]

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