Crime & Punishment

4 06 2009

jail 001If you get caught doing something “bad”, mom or dad are going to want to “discipline” you. That’s because they think that’s what they are supposed to do. They’ve probably been reading parenting books or watching Super Nanny.

But then you do something really bad and they get all mad and forget  the Super Nanny stuff and next thing you know they are yelling and telling you they’re going to  give away all your toys or sell you on “Craig’s list” or send you to Monster Island. Don’t worry. They’re not allowed to do those things.

If they do manage to not yell and they just send you to the naughty step, it’s best to sit there and look remorseful (that means sorry). If they send you to your room, enjoy the time planning your next crime.

Don’t worry. They’re never going to give your toys away. And they’re not going to send you to Monster Island. Probably.





2 responses

5 06 2009

Dear The Little Criminal,
Be careful of the advise you give. True, Monster Island isn’t a real threat. Craig’s list either, but only because a parent who has reached that level of anger is NOT paying for shipping or taking the time to post a well-worded notice online. The trash man comes door-to-door though…with a VERY large truck that will haul away LOTS of stuff!
Also, not every parent watches The Nanny thinking that she offers realistic parenting advise. Even those parents who choose to try the naughty step, do so only for Level I offenses and may be quick to give up the attempt if pushed too far. Be sure to tell your readers to factor in the type of parent their dealing with…we’re not all so tolerant!

7 06 2009

I wouldn’t hedge my bets against Monster Island. Just sayin’

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