TLC Crime Tip #1 – Trust no one. Especially your friends.

8 06 2009



Dear TLC,

Dude, I need your help. I had some friends over and we made this cool pillow fort with all the pillows and blankets and any furniture we could move.  But my friends just went home and left me holding the bag. Bogus!

Dear Bogus!,

This is why I prefer to work alone. Criminals, especially little criminals, can’t be trusted. You just never know when your buddies are going to throw you under the bus.

There are going to be times when you need help pulling off a job. You might need a look-out, or help moving something big. That’s when you can get your friends or a brother or sister involved. But that’s also when you have to decide right away,in your mind, which of your friends is going to take the hit if you get caught.

With your fort, your friends decided YOU were going to take the hit. Ouch. I know it hurts, but you’ve learned a valuable lesson. So your next assignment is to get back at your buddies. Bigtime.

Good luck,






One response

10 06 2009
Jennifer Juniper

Lesson learned, oh wise one. I will consult TLC before I try anything like this in the future. Darn friends.

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